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MICIO – How to extend Archiduino hardware

MICIO (Microprocessor Input/Output) is our modular device Open Source and Open Hardware, suitable to extend the hardware resources of the devices of the family ARCHIDUINO.

In addition to extending the functionality of ARCHIDUINO you can connect one or more modules to a standard card ARDUINO via the ICSP connector (SPI) through our Xtendino library, to expand the resources of input and output (digital and analog), avoiding to keep busy the connectors reserved to shields.



MICIO (DIN rail positioning)



These Interface Modules I / O and signal conditioning are specially designed to deploy new hardware resources, taking up little space at a low cost. The system has been designed to be plugged into a modular DIN rail (1 module).

MICIO is a compact device that provides an easy and reliable testing. It is compatible with software written for the environment ARDUINO, so it has at its disposal a wide range of software libraries developed by the Arduino Community.

The ability to field wiring, the low cost per I / O point and the ease of deployment of hardware resources result into an excellent cost / performance ratio.

Key strenghts


Punti di forza di Xtendino

MICIO’s strong points


The dynamic architecture of XTENDINO supports the continuing development of the hardware and the continuous expansion of software libraries developed by the Community ARDUINO.

XTENDINO is Open Software e Open Hardware.open hardware logo

Technical specifications

Case: DIN rail module compatible
Dimensions WxLxH: 80 x 18 x 100 mm
Plugs: extractable step 5mm
Processor: AVR ATmega32U4 16 MHz
Flash Total/Available: 32K/28K
Ram Available: 2,5K
Internal EEprom: 1K
Digital optocoupled inputs: 4
Relay outputs: 2
Digital outputs open collector: 2 (100mA max)
Configurable analog inputs: 2 @10bit 0-10V, 4-20mA, PT1000
Analogic outputs: 2 @16bit 0-10V
UART (COM): 1 (115200 kbaud max)
SPI: 1
RS485: 1
PWM: 2
USB: Micro USB tipo B
Address selector: 4bit (max 16 slaves)
Development languages: C++
Power supply: 12 VDC
Working temperature: Da -40°C a +85°C

Xtendino su barra DIN con Archiduino

Micio on DIN rail with Archiduino