Reasons to choose Archimede


1) It’s a platform / environment with both hardware and software engineered under open source philosophy.

2) It’s a modular, scalable, mechanical structure. It mounts on DIN standard rails (six modules) and uses common industrial 5 mm (0,2 in) extractable connectors.

3) It’s hardware compatible with RS485, RS232, CAN Bus, Ethernet, I2C-Bus, 1-wire bus and many more

4) Supports as default the communication protocols TCP/IP, MODBUS, ASCII terminal, I2C-Bus, Microlan 1-Wire, Can-bus and others.

5) It works with high level developing environment Visual Studio for .NET MicroFramework.

6) The basic application library includes dozens of ready-made components, constantly evolving: digital inputs/outputs, analog 12-bit inputs/outputs, management of serial channels (RS232, RS485, CAN_Bus, 1-Wire, I2C_Bus), PWM, timers, etc ….

7) The software is continuously developing. The available applications are: monitoring buttons status, relays drivers, GSM modem management and SMS sendig, web server demo, light meter with photocell, thermostat and thermometer, reading keys from I-button, LED dimmers, controls access demo, antitheft demos, reading weather sensors, programmable timer, etc…

8) Easy to install, Archimedes is running in minutes using standard library modules and applications. It needs only mounting required modules, connecting external devices and loading the program.

9) If the existing hardware modules do not have the required functions or suitable characteristics, you can use the prototype boards, already accompanied by required connectors and wiring.

10) The CPU board is scalable and can be supplied in several formats with many performance levels. It’s possible to use the board with different CPUs built by other manufacturers.

11) If you need to use Archimede with other environments or operating systems, you may either build your own CPU board or load an alternative firmware to the micro framework.

12) The Archimede system is engineered to be eco-friendly: it’s modular, so it uses only the required hardware; it’s easily recoverable; if a component becomes obsolete it may be replaced with other equivalent components; there are no restrictions as using proprietary hardware or software.

13) The Archimedes system is designed to last for many years, despite of the logic of planned obsolescence.