Prototyping Board

Prototyping board for Archimede / Archiduino systems

Card module for prototyping and experimentation. With this card you can assemble, experiment and test new circuits and components, for educational, professional and hobby purposes. The input / output ability of Archimede and Archiduino are expanded and targeted to the final application and are not limited by standard versions of the modules in / out.

The card is pre-assembled with connectors and components based on the signals and power.

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Product Description

Prototyping board for Archimedes / Archiduino systems.

This board has been specially designed to meet the needs of those people who likes to experiment. Despite the small size, the use of this card does not allow the installation of the system Archimedes / Archiduino in modular housing for DIN rail.
Suitable for controlling devices in low voltage with currents up to 1A

About Archimede and Archiduino

Archimede is an Open-source, .net microframework programmable platform based on the Cerberus card’s firmware by GHI Electronics.
Archiduino is a modular, programmable controller, 100% software compatible with Arduino Leonardo. The strength of the systems Archimede / Archiduino is constituted by the plurality of interface modules, I/O channels and signal conditioning, at his disposal, which can be simultaneously mounted.


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Case Naked board
Dimensions LxHxP 57 x 42 x 18 mm.
Weight 8 gr.