CPU ARM Cortex M4 32 bit board for Archimede system

Archimede is an Open-source, .net microframework programmable platform based on the Cerberus card’s firmware by GHI Electronics.
The goal set with this card is to meet the demand for a hardware easily programmable, hence the choice of micro .net framework, but at the same time to have a hardware that can be used in the home environment in a simple way to design home automation / building automation appliances or even for simple hobby projects.

The board

The CPU board has a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 family STM32 (frequency 168MHz) microcontroller. A machine with these characteristics is well suited for the production of professional equipment which is necessary in a remarkable capacity for data processing. Completes the system a high number of I / O (compared to the size of the device) configurable according to their needs, with which the machine can interact with the outside world.
The CPU includes the SD card, a precision voltage reference to make accurate analog measurements, a plug for the connection tu our Ethernet interface, in addition it’s ready for the installation of our LCD board that also implements 4 buttons and a LED signaling.


The strength of Archimedes is formed by the plurality of interface modules, I / O and signal conditioning, at his disposal, which can be simultaneously mounted. The system has been designed to be inserted in a modular DIN rail (6 modules), a solution that allows you to move from the development phase to the final use of the software in the field with a simplicity and speed not found in other programmable platforms.

Interface Modules

Currently we have the following interface modules:

– Dual Input A / D
– Dual Output DAC
– PWM power
– Ethernet
– RS232
– RS485
– CAN Bus
– I2C
– I2C block
– Dual 1-Wire
– Dual 1-Wire isolated
– Dual Relay delayed
– Dual Relay priority
– Prototyping Module 

alternatively the base board can mount a power relay (10A max) or there can be mounted optocouplers to have 2 digital inputs.