Access control board STA50

STA50 is our device for access control, programmable, modular.
It has been designed to meet the most varied demands of the market and will complement our range of products for the presence detection.

The main purpose is to identify the access or limit access in certain times or in certain areas, such as offices, archives, stores, cafeterias, parking lots.
In facts, all those places where it is necessary to restrict access only to authorized persons or to identify people who have had access to the room.

In the standard version uses the Dallas iButton: indestructible, unalterable, can not be copied, can not be intercepted.
Through our terminal management software is able to communicate with all the devices marketed by us as well as to export captured data to other applications.

Product Description

STA50 – Access Control board

STA50 is our device for access control, programmable, modular.
It has been designed to meet the most varied demands of the market and will complement our range of products for the presence detection.

Functional Specifications

• suitable for any company small, medium or large, thanks to its ease of assembly and modularity.
• uses (standard version) the system Dallas iButton: indestructible, unalterable, non-duplicable, non-trappable
• Prepared to read two reading heads.
• Programmable activators (relay) to control opening doors, turnstiles, etc. …
• Opto-isolated auxiliary input for custom functions
• Memory capacity: 1800 transits
• selective management of 500 users
• independent (can be connected later to a PC for unloading the transits)

Ease of use

In the standard version the identification is made by Dallas iButton key.
Identification with Dallas iButton is immediate, certain and indisputable at the first attempt. The contact with the reader is instantaneous with any angle of orientation.


It’s possible to connect to the device to different types of readers: from the practical and indestructible Dallas iButton (mounted on the standard version) to the RFID tag to the magnetic badges. The standard communication port RS-485 card allows you to create wired networks also particularly large.


It’s possible to configure the operating mode of the actuators (relays).
You can set the operation mode monostable or bistable as well as the duration of contact closure (for monostable mode). It is also possible to constrain the activation of the relay states (acquired via opto-isolated inputs), such as the status of the alarm is armed.

Software Device Management

The access control system can be completed by purchasing our software management EasyCom v11.
The application in addition to providing the discharge terminal (the system integrates the management of all devices manufactured by Seletronica: stamping machines, access control) allows the complete management of the acquired data. The investigations are facilitated by a management archives where you can use the advanced search filters and customizable. The data export can be done either manually or automatically in standard formats (Excel, Word, PDF …) as well as an infinite number of ways through custom plug-ins that extend the functionality of the program.

For developers and system integrators-

For all those who want to integrate the management of our devices into their applications, Seletronica provides free SDK for communication. Through these libraries, you can interact with all our devices in a uniform manner. Libraries can be used in both a .net (C #, or via COM interface (Visual Fox Pro, C ++)


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Case Modular 5 DIN
Dimensions LxHxP 87 x 112 x 46 mm.
Weight 165 gr.
Processor 89C51RB2
Flash 16K
Ram 1,25K
EEprom external 2 x 512B
Communication buses RS485
Relay outputs 3
Optocoupled inputs 3 (max 24Vcc)
Real Time Clock DS1337 (with lithium battery)
Reader type Dallas iButton, Badge, Transponder
Max connectable readers 2
Supply voltage 12 VDC
Mounting type Electrical panel DIN rail
Connection plugs Pitch 5 mm.
Communication network connection RJ45
Readers connectors RJ45