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1Wire /I2CBUS module for Archimede/Archiduino systems

1WIRE / I2CBUS for Archimede / Archiduino systems.
The 1Wire devices made by Dallas Semiconductor, of which the Seletronica uses the iButton buttons as personal identification device, provide a wide range of products (temperature sensors, actuators, identification devices with unique code etc. …). All these devices can be connected to the same serial bus (two-wire), which allows to easily extend the number of sensors for data acquisition.

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Product Description

1WIRE / I2CBUS module for Archimede / Archiduino systems.
This card can handle two 1Wire channels or one I2CBUS channel.
The card is designed to fit specific components for the two opto-isolated outputs (optional mode).

About Archimede and Archiduino

Archimede is an Open-source, .net microframework programmable platform based on the Cerberus card’s firmware by GHI Electronics.
Archiduino is a modular, programmable controller, 100% software compatible with Arduino Leonardo. The strength of the systems Archimede / Archiduino is constituted by the plurality of interface modules, I/O channels and signal conditioning, at his disposal, which can be simultaneously mounted.

Case Naked board
Dimensions LxHxP 30 x 25 x 8 mm.
Weight 4 gr.
Led 1  (TX enable in RS485 version)
Supply voltage 3,3 Vdc for the logic
PLUG A OneWire 1  (or SCL)
PLUG B OneWire 2  (or SDA)