Conditions of sale

Acceptance of general conditions of sale

The client, with your purchase order, unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply in its dealings with the SELETRONICA sas , general conditions and payment arrangements described below, claiming to have read and accepted all the indications provided to him , taking also note that the application of any other clause is excluded unless the same are not agreed in writing with the SELETRONICA sas .

Obligations of the Customer

General Terms of Sale must be examined online by clients site visitors “” before placing an order in any way then this is completed (email , internet, etc.). The submission of the confirmation of the order implies full knowledge of these Conditions of Sale and their full acceptance. The customer also undertakes, once the purchase process, to print and keep these general conditions of sale, already examined and accepted throughout the buying process.
The Customer shall purchase the products in consultation with technical descriptions and present ON-LINE and is therefore solely responsible for the choice and suitability of the product for the purpose and end use envisaged.

A necessary condition of sale

All the products described in web pages are sold by SELETRONICA sas.
A condition of sale is that the buyer, in relation to the above, will indemnify and hold harmless the SELETRONICA sas from any damages and / or claims brought by third parties for any direct or indirect damages resulting from inappropriate use of the security, good sense and the laws in force in the country where you reside.

Taking responsibility

It is the responsibility and obligations of the purchaser to inquire about specific compatibility than willing to buy with their own needs and / or its electronic and mechanical devices. The buyer, in relation to the above, will indemnify and hold harmless the SELETRONICA sas from any damages and / or claims for direct or indirect damage caused instruments are not part of the sale.
Given the complexity of electronic products processed, instructions are included in our packs only give sufficient information and directions to the commissioning of the product. By purchasing this product the customer accepts these conditions and holds SELETRONICA sas harmless from any retaliation.

Make an order to SELETRONICA sas

The purchase is made by the customer and is related to the available products as illustrated and described in the relevant data sheets (the images are indicative) and any attached documents online at

Warning: the images have the only purpose of representing the product and may depict configurations slightly different than the actual content of the kit or of the package.

The customer making the order will receive, at the end of the procedure, a notice of confirmation of the order and indication of the number of orders by e-mail at the address indicated by the customer during the checkout process. In case the e-mail address is non-existent or the confirmation process fails the order is canceled within 24 hours.
The transport costs are borne by the customer, are calculated based on weight and place of delivery of the goods purchased and will be displayed at the time of purchase. They also vary depending on the type of shipment or carrier chosen by the Customer.


Payment for the products purchased and the shipping costs will be paid by the customer with these modes of payment: Paypal, Credit Card through Paypal, Bank Transfer, COD (The various options of payment instruments will be further specified during the purchase process on-line). If the procedure of online payment via Paypal and credit card is not correctly terminates the order will be canceled.
Payment by bank transfer is subject to the following conditions: The bank transfer must be received within 10 working days from the order. After that date, the order will be void. It is understood that, if you choose the bank transfer, the goods will be shipped only after verifying been credited to our bank account.
The customer buyer agrees to provide the exact directions to your shipping address and billing information in case of wrong submission of such data all the possible additional costs of recovery and return shipment of the customer shopper.

Delivery of products

Purchased products will be delivered by courier to SELETRONICA sas address specified by the customer as the destination address.
The choice on the various modes of shipment will be made by the customer at time of purchase.
The goods are properly packaged travel for the account and risk of the buyer from the moment of delivery to the carrier, save in the case in which the insurance option is chosen on payment of an additional fee.
Upon delivery, the customer must verify the integrity of packages.
As an indication, without any involvement by the SELETRONICA sas, the goods available in stock and ready to be delivered with the following schedule: shipment will be entrusted to the carrier at the most within 1 week of receipt of credit in our bank account.
Delivery times are indicative where there is no physical or structural impediments (eg, incorrect addresses) or force mejeure events such as strikes, natural disasters, issues related to transport / delivery / manufacture, fluctuations in the exchange rate, government action and / or regulations. If the force majeure event continues for a period exceeding two months, either Party shall have the right to terminate the contract without any compensation being due to the counterparty.
The contribution of transport to be added to the price of the products is the sole responsibility of the customer. In any case, SELETRONICA sas is not responsible for any damages caused by delivery delays.
The delivery of the products, unless otherwise specified, means always at street level.
The customer purchasing accept these terms.

Product Availability

The definition of the stock on the virtual store stock does not reflect the real magazine, it could happen that a purchased item is temporarily not available. In this case SELETRONICA sas ensures smooth order processing performed while reserving the right to claim the goods temporarily not present at their suppliers. In such case the buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal due to lack of immediate delivery, or delivery occurred late than explicitly stated on the product page. The customer purchasing accept these terms.

Right of withdrawal consumer

With the sale of the property the SELETRONICA sas releases a regular bill of sale is valid for the product warranty. If the customer is a consumer (a person who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade or profession), these purchases may cancel at any time within 10 days of receipt / delivery of goods without justification and will receive a refund of the price paid. To achieve this, the customer must inform the SELETRONICA by sending it to a written notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, stating its intention to withdraw from the agreement without any penalty and without specifying the reason: then must provide for the immediate return of the product in the same condition in which you received them in the original packaging, at your own expense and risk. This legislation does not apply to professional clients or consumers, ie those who, natural or legal persons, acting for purposes relating to his profession.
No refund will be made if the goods relating to the withdrawal, did not arrive at their destination at the address indicated above, or if the goods were not intact, or intact and in its original packaging with suitable outer packaging, or even if it were proven, and used / or otherwise altered, and if it were deprived of the invoice and the original delivery note.
Inside the package will be there all the accessories supplied data and documentation of the original product.
Within 10 days of withdrawal, the product intact and in its original packaging must be returned to SELETRONICA sas which will, within 14 days of receipt of the goods to the consumer to repay the amount paid for the purchase (including shipping costs).
Electronic material supplied in kit to be assembled by the customer can be returned only if no assembly operation was carried out. It is recommended to check the material before any welding operation, assembly or installation.
Return fees are the sole responsibility of the customer. Following receipt of the SELETRONICA sas will examine the goods to verify the existence of any damages (the substantial integrity is an essential condition for the exercise of the right of withdrawal).
Note: All shipping and packing charges for the return of goods are the responsibility of the customer (according to art. 5, paragraph 6 of the Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22/05/99).
At the request of the consumer SELETRONICA sas can provide through its courier to collect the goods from withdraw. Will be reversed following the withdrawal of the amount from the total to be repaid.
The consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal for contracts for the supply of goods produced to order, “made to measure or clearly personalized.”
For further details below the full text of the law on distance contracts (Article 5 ).:

Returning faulty or damaged goods

In the case of defective goods, the same will be returned to the SELETRONICA sas within 7 working days from delivery. Electronic material supplied in kit to be assembled by the customer can be returned only if no assembly operation was carried out. It is recommended to check the material before any welding operation, assembly or installation.
The postage and packaging for return shipment are borne by the customer.
If the customer receives the parcel visibly damaged by the carrier and / or shipper, (broken or visibly damaged packaging) we will proceed as follows:
The customer must make a reservation at the time of delivery to the carrier or freight forwarder
It must be written “Under reserve” on the delivery document, without this notice SELETRONICA sas is not obliged to refund or damage to the goods delivered.

Statement of Limited Warranty

Warranty 2 years
The warranty period starts from the day of purchase. The sales receipt or other such document, with indication of the date of purchase of the product, is your proof of purchase. It must show proof of purchase to receive warranty service that includes no. invoice, no. order code, registered customer.
The SELETRONICA sas can not be held liable for damages to parties not part of the product sold or loss of data storage devices of any kind related to the products purchased.
This warranty does not apply to consumable items, the products from which it was removed the serial number or for products damaged or rendered defective due to accident, abuse, misuse, intentional or other external causes.
This warranty does not apply for kits assembled by the customer. It is recommended to check the material before any welding operation, assembly or installation.

Mode of action in warranty
For the purposes of the warranty return the customer is obliged to inspect the product and with regard to the defects within 8 days of delivery notify the defect to SELETRONICA sas, which will provide all the information you need to replace where it finds that actually depends on the failure of a manufacturing defect. After this period, the product will be deemed accepted by the buyer. The product must be returned in its original condition with its packaging, a return note and proof of purchase, return costs will be borne by the customer. Given the variety of products offered SELETRONICA sas provides all the technical support necessary to ensure the correct use of the same. Any difficulties encountered by the customer can therefore be reported, by e-mail, to SELETRONICA sas who will provide for their resolution via e-mail.

The return of the product will not be accepted under any circumstances and therefore the warranty does not apply if:
– Whether barred to give such a guarantee , warranty for products sold on the website is 2 years (consumer)
– Whether barred to give such a guarantee , warranty for products sold on the site is 1 year (professional consumer)
– Documents relating to the proof of purchase appear illegible or corrupted;
– If after verification technique is that the damage was caused by improper modifications or repairs, and generally made from tampering by the customer or by third parties;
– If after technical verification that the product has been damaged due to negligence or careless use (such as exposure to heat, water, lightning, incorrect assembly, mechanical shock, tampering) or from failure to follow rules for installation;
– If the product is returned to SELETRONICA sas comes to the latter in an unsuitable packaging to protect the goods during transportation;

In all cases where the damage can not be attributed to defects in the production, manufacture, storage of the product.
The products deemed defective by the purchaser, but the resulting operating correctly as a result of the technical verification, are returned to the buyer with the charges against him for transport costs. Similarly the products which, in the course of transport damage occurs due to inadequate packaging, are returned to the buyer with the charges against him for transport costs. For each product returned under the two preceding paragraphs, the buyer is obliged to pay the SELETRONICA sas the sum of € 100.00 excluding VAT, to cover part of the costs of management and research of the defect described. If the buyer refuses the return of the product in such cases is required to repay the SELETRONICA sas, in addition to transport costs, € 20.00 per day for the cost of housing.

Terms of the law

Every single contract of sale is concluded in Italy and as such governed by Italian law.

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