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Archiduino Multi Timer

Archiduino Multi Timer, l’orologio programmabile ultra versatile

Abbiamo appena messo a catalogo il nuovo prodotto Archiduino Multi Timer, un orologio programmabile che commercializziamo in quattro versioni differenti: seriale RS232 o RS485 e con controllo a 2 o […]

Archiduino CPU Manual

Manual for the CPU board of Archiduino, the controller 100% software compatible with Arduino Leonardo

We published the manual for the Archiduino CPU Board. It is available in the download section of the site, but for convenience we present the direct link at end of […]

Video 2 seletronica SPI interfaces

Arduino SPI Bus interfaces (part 2) – How to extend Arduino resources with Archiduino

We released a new video on our YouTube channel. “Xtendino libraries – double slave test program – Tutorial” will show you how it’s easy to implement the necessary code in […]

Video 1 seletronica SPI interfaces

Arduino SPI interfaces – How to extend the Arduino resources with Archiduino

We just published on our YouTube channel a new video representing how it’s possible to extend Arduino resources with Archiduino and our Xtendino library. The video “Arduino SPI interfaces” shows […]

Xtendino 1

MICIO – How to extend Archiduino hardware

MICIO (Microprocessor Input/Output) is our modular device Open Source and Open Hardware, suitable to extend the hardware resources of the devices of the family ARCHIDUINO. In addition to extending the […]